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We are over 5 years of experience in ICT and Telecom Service

Our Main Services

We are good in ICT and Telecom Services

IT and Telecom

Providing IT solutions that go in parallel with the latest technology to our clients. Enhancing the use of Unified Communications and Collaborations (UCC) both on premises and as a service.


We support creative Education from the Kindergarten to a Higher education. We ensure that kids or students have a strong base of STEAM learning – (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics).

Business Solutions

Software & Hardware solutions that aim to automate complex business process, reducing errors and minimizing risk small and medium business to enterprises.

Security Sevices

From Simple Access Control, Gate Barrier to Industrial Traffic Signal, Data Center and Fire Alarm, all could be controlled and managed from single point.We provide clients with Single point of management and monitoring

Toolkits & Manuals

Hands-on practice kits which include many advanced parts that are used in real life like DC & Servo Motors, several types of Sensors, pre-programmed and Programmable Controllers & step by step manuals for all levels.

Robotics Training

We are enthusiasts when it comes to offer an intensive training to teachers and students. Our trained team is happy to spread the knowledge they have.

Guidance & Counselling

We advise on which stage the student should start to explore the robotics education. We also offer a valuable suggestion to schools on how they can implement the program.

Telephony & Collaboration solutions

The solution offers a versatile family of SIP Phones with robust functionality for any sized office and color graphical displays. When it comes to guest management services, a communication solution, seamlessly integrated into the business processes for hotels, guest houses and even care homes, perfectly supports employees in their day-to-day work. It increases productivity and quality of services, while keeping operating costs low.

Enterprise Content management solution

Enterprise Content Management is the systematic collection and organization of information that is to be used by a designated audience – business executives, customers, etc.
ECM reduces costs for storage, distribution and processing of content
ECM creates transparency and better traceability of processes
ECM secures corporate knowledge and makes it available regardless of location.
ECM improves collaboration

GPS Tracking & Fuel monitoring devices

The solution covers everything from best-in-class hardware and accessories, hosting and software, connectivity to training, onboarding and technical support to ensure you are able to get your operations running in no time. ou will manage fleets via App or browser, monitor vehicle GPS position, fuel level, speed & even engine state.

Accounting & Business Management solution

The solution helps small and medium businesses manage their entire business across geographies without the cost or complexity of traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It’s the preferred solution for tens of thousands of companies across the globe.

Synchronized Cloud Native Data Security

Combination of the World's best endpoint protection with the ability to detect and investigate threats across endpoints, servers, firewalls, and other data sources. Get a firewall that adapts to your network, so you don’t need to adapt your network to the firewall. Secure cloud workloads, data, apps, and access from the latest advanced threats and vulnerabilities.

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage is a multimedia display or an interactive platform that conveys relevant information to engage targeted audiences for marketing, educational, place making, advertising and way finding purposes. Useful solution for enhancing internal communication within an organization via flat-panel screens, broadcasting alert messages & improving public relations.

Board meeting automation solution

A perfect solution for Organizations that conduct board meetings in the conventional paper platforms and the ones that are currently looking to expand out of their internal meeting tools and other file management software's to a better secure solution.

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